Last month, “American Relapse” made a huge impact at the Rhode Island International Film Festival.

The stirring documentary, directed by Pat McGee and Adam Linkenhelt, pulls back the curtain on our nation’s out-of-control heroin epidemic, as well as the billion dollar treatment industry that many would say is causing more harm than good.

The doc centers around Allie and Frankie, two recovering addicts who work day and night to spread hope to the people who are most in need of help. Their journey takes them through the streets, the shadows of urban decay, and the disheveled dens of addicts who themselves wish for nothing more than to break heroin’s hold on their lives.  The film follows the duo for 72 hours, and it’s shocking to discover how much hopelessness and despair can be uncovered in a few days’ time.

“American Relapse” certainly hit its mark, as the filmmakers walked away with the grand prize award for Best Feature Documentary and landed a 10-episode deal with Viceland to explore Allie and Frankie’s crusade in serial format. The show, “Dopesick Nation”, premieres on Viceland on September 12th.