Dopesick Nation follows Frankie and Allie as they seek treatment for two drug addicts in South Florida.

dopesick nation

Frankie and Nate  Photo via YouTube


A new docu-series shows the day-to-day struggle of finding help for people with substance use disorder.

Frankie and Allie, who are in recovery themselves, explain the root of South Florida’s current heroin and fentanyl crisis—going back to the feds’ crackdown on prescription pills and the subsequent rise of heroin and fentanyl. 

South Florida’s recovery industry is among the most notorious—people flock there to get help because it is “brimming with treatment centers on every corner,” Allie explains. Many are “predatory” in nature.

The first episode of Dopesick Nation, a new 10-part series that premiered on VICELANDlast Wednesday (Sept. 12), follows Frankie and Allie as they seek treatment for Nate and Kelly, two drug users in South Florida.