We talked to Allie Severino, star of VICELAND’s new show ‘DOPESICK NATION,’ about working in her region’s notorious recovery industry.

When Allie Severino was in high school, she was addicted to opioid pills and at one point seemed on the verge of becoming yet another casualty of America’s worst-ever drug epidemic. But after going through recovery, the now 28-year-old South Florida native has dedicated her life to helping others do the same, currently working on community outreach for a local recovery center. She’s even “become everyone in Delray Beach’s emergency contact number” when it comes to opioid issues, she told me.


VICELAND’s new series DOPESICK NATION follows Severino and her coworker Frankie Holmes—also recovering from addiction—as they attempt to save lives in a billion-dollar rehabilitation industry notorious for corruption. While outside scrutiny has helped begin the process of cleaning up the private rehab scene, it’s still an uphill battle and the people most in need of help are often left out to dry.